Man and Architecture

Man is not made for architecture;architecture is made for man. Students must go into the practice of architecture ready made by rule or rote by way of a regimented unflexible educational institutionand a licesnse after spending too many years in service to a (perhaps mediocre) professional. A students experience is reduced by constraints to servitude.


The machine does not make the man, the man makes the technology. The impressive and powerful technological tools ,CAD ,BIM, Max ,Grasshopper can creat amazing accurate precision 3D drawings however they do not create the idea. The idea is born from the ultimate tool that is ones imagination. Pencil to paper your idea organic in rough sketch conceptualized in simple lead and trace.This humble beginning becomes the grand vision (it is hoped organic in nature) that becomes the reality brought to life by the mind of its inventor.and expresed through the tool.


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