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What Are Row Houses?

A row house is a single or multi-family dwelling that  shares one or two common walls and a roof with its neighboring buildings.

Row houses are generally two or three stories high, though they can have up to five stories, and are usually no wider than 12’ to 25’. Row houses commonly hold one or two families, but larger row houses can be reworked into several apartments or condos. Like townhouses, row houses often line entire street blocks and are uniform in their exteriors. Row houses are all townhouses, but not all townhouses are row houses.

Row houses are typically built in classic designs that date to the period when they were built, often in the nineteenth century or earlier. American cities known for blocks lined with historical row houses include New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Boston, Pittsburgh, Chicago, and Washington D.C.

Mancini Design + Development  600 Block of Princeton Place in Washington D.C (1920s)
600 Block of Princeton Place in Washington D.C (1920s)

The idea pursued throughout our row home projects is to return to what is essential to a home, reducing the number of parts to those that are absolutely necessary, and rethinking the nature of the house to allow the life inside to flow naturally.

Our new Philadelphia row home projects are green from foundation to roof. We design and build homes that are modern and affordable for first time home buyers who want to minimize their carbon footprint. As the kind of architect Philadelphia loves, our green design carries out the philosophy of Mancini Design that all our homes are healthy environments to live in, as well as energy efficient.

Mancini Design + Development Row Home

We “think green” from the time a project begins, though the final stages of the project. We make recommendations even before architectural plans are complete regarding efficient plumbing systems, window placements, and rooflines. During the material selection phase, we are mindful of such factors as indoor environmental quality and energy efficiency, and this guides us when selecting materials and appliances.

Homeowners often see an increased value in their home as a result of a renovation project. Another advantage to a remodeling project or renovation is that it will result in a more energy efficient rowhome. Yet another advantage to Interior and Exterior Remodeling is the opportunity to reconfigure the layout of the home to accommodate changing lifestyle/lifecycle needs.
Renovations and restorations can be challenging. Oftentimes, there are unknown conditions behind the walls and above the ceilings that have not been addressed in years. It takes a knowledgeable builder, experienced in these types of construction projects, to do the right job the first time.

Whether renovating an old space or performing a complete rebuild, as a design build studio we work with you step-by-step to help bring your vision to reality.  Current trends for Philadelphia row house floor plans are departing from the mainstream in favor of more color, originality, and character. And we’re here to give our client's projects color, life, sound, and voice. Feel free to contact us to talk about your project.
Mancini Design + Development Princeton Place in Washington D.C (1920s)

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