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Multi Family Homes

Multi-Family Construction

Multi-family construction is a type of home or building with multiple units owned by one or more parties, on one property. Multi-family construction can be done in commercial or residential buildings.

Multi-Family Residential Housing

Multi-family residential, also known as multi-dwelling unit, is a classification of housing where multiple separate housing units for residential (non-commercial) inhabitants are contained within one building or several buildings within one complex.

This can include an apartment building or condominiums, where typically the units are owned individually rather than leased from a single apartment building owner. Also included in this category are duplexes or semi-detached housing.

Homeowners often see an increased value in their home as a result of a renovation project. Another advantage to a remodeling project or renovation is that it will result in a more energy efficient rowhome. Yet another advantage to Interior and Exterior Remodeling is the opportunity to reconfigure the layout of the home to accommodate changing lifestyle/lifecycle needs.
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1519 Carpenter Street Project Mancini Design + Development

1519 Carpenter Street Project

Renovation Services

Types of Renovations / Remodeling / Restorations

Insulation Strategy Mancini Design + Development


Additions are the best way to stay in your existing home while adding living space. With this type of renovation, a homeowner can expand on their existing home without uprooting their family.

Different types of additions include Building up higher, Building out covering more square footage, adding a new garage, and/or putting on an exterior deck.

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Basement Finishing Philadelphia

 A finished basement is another way to provide extra living space in a home. Adding a laundry room and/or creating a play area (club space) for children or grandchildren are common uses for finished basements.

This is another type of popular renovation for people who want to stay put, but need that extra space. A finished basement can add a good return value onto your home.
This strategy assures that all new mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems will be installed into the project. 

Any structural issues can be addressed at this stage without concern of damaging existing walls or fixtures since many of these items will be stripped from the property.

Energy Star Mancini Design + Development


When being more energy efficient is of concern, or when saving money on utility costs sounds appealing, this is a desirable renovation.

Ways to achieve Energy Star certification are through insulation, window and exterior door replacement, and air sealing. Mancini Design Studio works with energy star consultants to obtain final Energy

Insulation Strategy Mancini Design + Development

Kitchen and Bath Renovations Philadelphia

Kitchen and bath renovations improve the aesthetics and quality of a home, while also increasing its value. Mancini Design Build has experience with custom kitchen work including installing granite and marble countertops, replacing appliances, and modernizing fixtures and finishes.

Insulation Strategy Mancini Design + Development

Minor upgrades or repairs to a home may include masonry repairs, new mechanical systems -adding a tankless hot water heater (an energy cost saver vs. a traditional hot water heater), or putting in a central air system.

With extensive experience in Interior/Exterior remodeling projects and licenses in Philadelphia, Mancini Design Studio is a capable General Contractor (GC) and Builder for projects of any size. MDS has most recently completed interior and exterior renovation projects for clients in the Fishtown and Port Richmond areas of Philadelphia, PA.

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