1734 Catherine Street

Modern and traditional home design and restoration.
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Fishtown, Philadelphia PA
Renovation Project
Mancini Design + Development

Complete Renovation of a 3-Story Rowhome

Completely Rebuilt from the Basement to the Roof

Mancini Design + Development 1734 Catherine Street

Completed in 2009 this substantial renovation of a 3-story row home was completely rebuilt from the basement to the roof. 

An addition to the existing 3-story home: We added a new bedroom, storage, and extended kitchen. Two unique Japanese-influenced bathroom designs that offer toilet rooms separate from the bathing area. The powder room is on the first floor

Basement and Radiant Heating

Finished basement with storage. The basement was dropped 20", the foundation waterproofed, new slab with radiant heat tubing and R-30 insulation.

Radiant heat on all floors. R-20 walls, R 30 ceiling. Ultra-high 96% efficiency boiler/hot-water heater that supplies heat for the home and supplies potable water.


Restoration of front façade including power-wash, grinding of joints, brick pointing, and restoration of cornice overhang at the roof. All new joist. Exposed interior brick, power-washed, joints ground, and repointed.

This green design carries out the philosophy of Mancini Design that all our homes are healthy environments to live in and energy efficient.

Project Photos