2020 West Master Street. Philadelphia, PA

Modern and traditional home design and restoration.
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2020 West Master Street
Complete Renovation Project
Mancini Design + Development

2020 W Master was a total shell

Mancini Design + Development 2020 West Master Street

Leaking roof, minor fire damage to third floor, no plumbing , no electric, no gas. No utility service at all. There are some windows remaining that can be salvaged out of 17 windows about 6 are still intact with glass.

all of the interior wall framing is stable but with some walls having crumbling plaster. Ceilings are good in some rooms and needs to be pulled down in others. All 3 stories of stairs are still intact and just a few treads and spindles needing replacement.


Mancini Design + Development 2020 West Master Street

This week demo of interior plaster ceilings and plaster walls that need to come down begins.

Before that begins I first need to clean off the roof of much debris. center of roof is pooling water because of no pitch to downspout. Combined with the trash of prior residents who must have been throwing it out the window onto the roof.

Also did a interior site survey measuring all rooms L x W x H. Window dimensions, locations and same for doors.
Stair locations, tread, riser height and how many treads, risers.

Will transfer these drawings into Archi-CAD and also make sketches on drafting board.

Mancini Design + Development 2020 West Master Street


So far we have demo the third floor ceiling leaving half in place since it seems to be good. Being careful to only demo where needed but not trying to save walls where I know the plaster will eventually crumble. One can tell, when the plaster wall is moving when pushed, thats it. It's gonna go soon.

12/31/2011: Quick Update.

Here's a link to more pictures:

Mancini Design + Development Roof is shot with multiple leaks
Roof is shot with multiple leaks

Continuing our demo work. Have assessed some structural problems that includes roof and back wall. Back wall is heaving out because of 2 trees growing directly against foundation.

Because the roots damaged the load bearing wall that supports the 2nd floor there is danger of 2nd floor coming down.  Shoring up the joist supporting the room above with a temp 2x4 wall to take the load off the existing brick wall.

Roofer is coming next week to give an estimate. Time to use my negotiating skills.


Had 4 roofers out all with different estimates for the same type of roof a white rubber torch down roofing system. These roofing systems are based on a high-performance synthetic rubber compound that provides outstanding weathering characteristics in climates worldwide.

 White rubber and(EPDM) is the most popular material for both new and reroof low-slope roofing applications.

Before the roof goes on structural repairs need to done on 3 roof joists that are sagging causing pooling on the roof.

The repair is done by by sistering floor joists alongside the weak joists. Using a hydraulic jack raise joist until bowing is gone. A level can be placed under joist to check if any bowing remains.  

Don't jack beyond original shape or joist will crack. Jacking a floor exerts stress in both directions so make sure joist supporting floor are reinforced with 2x4's at joist below. If you have sagging, cracked or twisted joists, which can happen in older houses this will solve that  problem.

Mancini Design + Development Removing snow
Removing snow from the roof before roofer installs new torch down rubber.

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